Frequently Asked Questions

What is a seed ball?

Seed balls are hand rolled balls of seed encased in a mixture of organic compost and clay. The clay protects the seeds from drying out in the sun, getting eaten by mice and birds, being washed away by excessive rain and from blowing away.

How do they work?

Exposure to the sun and rain (irrigation) slowly breaks down the seed ball, allowing the seeds to germinate, grow and thrive.  The organic compost has lots of nutrients to encourage growth.

Where can I scatter the seed balls?

Areas of neglect, such as vacant lots are perfect places to toss your seed balls. Scatter them into places that could use a little bit of plant life. Anywhere you want plant life in your own yard, toss some seed balls.

Can I put the seed balls in a pot?

Seed balls can be grown successfully in a large pot, one that is at least 12 inches in height with an 18 inch diameter. They do not thrive in anything smaller.


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