Seed Balls…toss, water and enjoy!

Whether you are looking for premade seed balls or supplies to make your own, we have it all.

100% non gmo seed, no fillers, no invasive seed

Seed balls are an alternative way of growing plants, which involves no digging in the soil.  Once germinated, your seed balls will produce seedlings, which will eventually become an abundance of beautiful wildflowers.

This is a great project for kids of all ages (young ones with supervision, please) and the “kid” in all of us.

The seed balls are easy to make; Simply mix the seed with the clay and compost.  Complete directions inside every kit.

Seed balls make unique wedding favors. Contact me for more information.

Make your yard and community a greener place.  Make and scatter some seed balls today!

A portion of all sales will be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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*Shipping only available within the United States.